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Tiffany Smith-Fleischman, the maker behind NW Makes, proudly shares her eco-story with iEco Buz

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Hear from Tiffany, the amazing woman behind NorthWest Makes on her business and her advice for those who want to start on an eco-friendly journey.

What does NorthWest Makes do ?

Northwest Makes sells table linens, pillows, totes, cards and other household items made from sustainably and ethically sourced fabric. I draw, cut, carve, print and sew everything in my collection right in my Issaquah studio. I believes in making practical items that minimize household waste, and add beauty and warmth to homes. We offer small, in-person group classes, including block printing, screen printing, sewing and canning, plus more in the works.

What got you started on this business ?

I am textile artist and I screen print all of my own fabric. I had been wanting to find a source of plant based color for my textile art. it was my search for an environment friendly alternative. I thought doing a local color project with plants from Issaquah Highlands would be a good experiment stretching to the max what I had at my disposal. I understand dyes well and how they interact with fabric. It worked out great. I started making linens, pillows, totes and house hold items and my customers love them.

What advice would you give to those that want to start the eco-friendly journey?

Take one thing and do that until it becomes a habit. Then take another thing and try the same. We use dish towels and cloth napkins. The new thing I have tried is to refill soap from refillery. We all need to work together in this effort to go green!

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