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"Sewn" at Yakima promotes sustainable sewing

At SEWN, you will find quality fabrics, handmade sewing goods, beautiful tools & plenty more! The store is thoughtfully curated for garment sewing.

Sierra Hutton, the owner and an amazing woman behind Sewn shares her commitment to sustainability and how she came up with Sewn. We could feel her true passion for sustainability and her heart felt plea for everyone to contribute to sustainable living in whatever way they can.

What is your idea behind Sewn?

We sell fabric for people who sew clothes. In doing that I wanted to make sure that it was as friendly to earth as we can make it. Sewing is a sustainable hobby as making ones own clothes is much more earth friendly. At the same time sewing can be wasteful if we use cheap fabric made with plastic, waste a lot of fabric etc. In making a place for people to sew, I wanted to make it ethical and responsible.

We focus on 3 ways to help towards sustainability and being ethical and eco-friendly.

  • Use of natural fibers and staying away from polyester and rayon

  • Channeling dead stock fabric. Designers buy fabric in large quantities and there is a market for what gets left behind. We buy those and channel it our buyers. Instead of filling landfills it goes to our home sewists.

  • Second-hand or unused fabric from varied channels. At sewn we have these curated , easy to find and at a price point which is reasonable.

We are thoughtful with our suppliers and work with companies (small and large) that are aligned with our commitment. We avoid plastic in our packaging. We offer high quality options so your pieces can outlast a season. You can’t do it all one way – so we have used these different approaches.

How did you come up with this idea?

I have sewn all my life. I wanted to build a space like this in Yakima that provides high-end, quality products with variety of selections available. Sustainability and sewing go hand in hand, and at SEWN, we’re committed to making more sustainable options available to Yakima’s sewing community. In store you will find a multi-prong approach to being friendly to the earth.

What’s your advice to people who want to start on this path of being eco-friendly?

Start where you can. You can’t do it all. I can do what I can, and that is important and that will make an impact. You know with climate change and division we have across the world, I hope people understand that we have only one place. Mars cant save us. We have to keep earth beautiful. We have big problems to solve and hope everyone channels their energy to solve these big problems soon.

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