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"Reduce footprint with cloth diapers" says Carolyn from Baby Diaper Service

Carolyn Janisch from Baby Diaper Service shares with iEco Buz the benefits of using cloth diapers and the amazing journey of baby diaper service since 1946.

What is the idea behind Baby Diaper Service?

Disposable diapers can take 500 years to decompose in landfills. A child would go through about 3000 diapers in their diapering time of say 3 years. Cloth diapers are better for babies and the environment. Think about how much you can reduce the footprint by making a change. Baby diaper service offers a convenient and affordable laundry service making it easy for you to use cloth diapers. We deliver freshly laundered diapers and pick up wet and soiled diapers. On average it cost $30/week and it is comparable to disposable diapers. We have been in business for 76 years. Families love the service. Children get potty train faster, 6-7 months earlier. We use eco-friendly products and provide safest options for babies.

When did Baby diaper service start and how has your journey been?

Baby diaper service was started in 1946 to help families with laundry service when disposable diapers were not around. Disposable diapers soon became dominant and became the primary choice for many families. The business continued to survive as it provided families the option to choose cloth diapers with ease. It provided an option for parents to make a better choice and the families that used us were happy with us.

What's your advice for families that want to take an eco-friendly path? Look at your daily habits and find ways to be eco-friendly. If you are grabbing a plastic water bottle, see if you can avoid it. If you are using disposable diapers, see if you can take a hybrid option. Even that can have a large impact. Little by little and step by step figure ways to reduce your footprint. Lets think about reuse, reduce and recycle and take care of our planet.

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