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Ready to walk? iEco Buz proudly shares interview with the author of "Eastside Seattle Walks"

Did you know that there were more than 20+ interesting walk routes that can be done in under an hour, right here in the Eastside of Seattle? If the amazing combination of nature, history and public art is of your interest, Janice M. King's "Eastside Seattle Walks" book would be a great addition to your collection. You can buy it here.

"From a country path in Carnation to a riverside walk in Redmond…a nearby mountain lake in North Bend to an art-filled urban park in downtown Bellevue…the cities and towns in the eastern suburbs of Seattle offer a terrific variety of interesting walks." - Eastside Seattle Walks.

Hear directly from the author on what sparked her interest and her take on Eco-friendly and sustainable living. iEcoBuz proudly presents the interview with Janice M. King, author of Eastside Seattle Walks.

What is "Eastside Seattle Walks" about ?

Eastside Seattle Walks is a guidebook to all of the communities in the east side of Seattle. It provides details on more than 20+ walking routes that focus on the combination of nature, history and public art. Most of the walks can be done in under an hour, are easy to access by car or public transit, and make a fun outing with family and friends. Whether you’re a newcomer to the Eastside or a lifelong resident, you’ll find there are many treasures to discover on easy walks that are close to home.

What sparked your interest in writing this book?

I wrote the book because there are so many wonderful things to see here and people don't necessarily know about them. I thought of this idea to write a book several years ago leading guided walks in Sammamish and Downtown Issaquah. I focused on nature, history and public art. I wondered if all the east side towns had such similar routes then I can write a book. That is how it all started. Even though we have some terrific areas to go hiking and great hiking trails in Washington, not everyone can go hiking. There could be restraints such as issues with transportation, limited time availability, lack of gears etc. So a walk closer to home is always a good choice. The other reason I wrote the book is that walking is great way to create a sense of place and to create a connection to places. When you walk around a community, you start to care more about that and save earth. I want to encourage everyone to walk nearby.

What is your advice to someone wants to start on an eco-friendly journey?

Look close to home. There is a lot of resources available. The cities in the eastside offer lot of environment friendly options across a variety of products and services. Check out the farmers markets that sell local produces, enjoy local experiences and go local!

Thinking globally, what should humanity for sustainable living?

We need to adopt the philosophy that "less is more". Decrease activities that lead to the need of driving a car. Think of reducing our footprint. Its not about restraint, it is about enhancing creativity and deeper experience you bring to your life by reducing our needs overall.

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