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PNWEcoCraft - Artist Hannah shares her eco-friendly journey with iEco Buz

Hannah Powell (PNWEcoCraft) is an awesome earth-friendly artist specializing in art and home décor using reclaimed wood. 10% of her sales are donated to nonprofits! Check out: Hannah Powell (@pnwecocraft) - Instagram and her interview below

What is your idea?

I take what others consider as trash such as woodpiles, recycled bottled made out of glass, car seat springs, old phone wires, and turn them into what people enjoy! I make home decor items, artwork, and air plant holders with items that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.

"Using less, and being creative would be my advice. Let's not fill the landfills" says Hannah in her interview with iEco Buz

What got you started on this journey?

I started out a few years ago when I replaced my old fence with a new fence. I had a lot of wood lying around. Instead of trashing it, I made wooden bases out of it and that is where it all started. Eventually, I started going to tree sites asking for scrap wood. Now people give me different things or I collect them and have fun with it reusing and creating new things.

What advice would you give to those that want to start an eco-friendly journey?

My advice would be to be creative. Being eco-friendly requires creativity. Give a second thought to anything that you plan to throw away. Can I donate it, can I reuse it, can someone else use them? ask yourself those questions and be creative.

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