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Jillian Medford from Keepers Collective talks about bee stewardship, skincare & beekeeping camp!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Jillian Medford from Keepers Collective talks about bee stewardship, nature's best skincare, beekeeping camp and more ! Enjoy the read as Jilian walks us through her experience and interests.

We are bee keepers out of Snoqualmie, Washington. We make skin care items for the whole family, all natural. Our body butter, body scrub line are loved by my customers. We do community outreach through children's "bee keeping camp" for ages 7-12. We get in to bee keeping suits and get in to live hives and get to learn about honey bee. We learn how the bee and native pollinators play a role in our food.

How did your journey start?

Our business started with our bee keeping. We are bee keepers first. When it came to skin care line, we always made our own natural products. We decided to sell them at my sister's farm stand. People loved it so much that we decided to start selling ourselves. The camps came from our love for bee keeping and spread bee stewardship.

Where should we start ? All beings big and small can make a difference - from smallest insects like honey bee to human beings. No one can be 100% perfect, but we should start to try in all the small ways. Reusing things we have at home, looking at where the products are coming from and asking the question on ethical sourcing is important. Make small changes knowing that you cant do it all at once.

What should we do?

The first thing would be to look at sustainability as part of daily life. I think that in general we just need to continue educating our youths. Our youths really care, and it is sad that we are leaving such a big burden on your shoulder. If we can normalize the idea of caring about sustainability. Difference can be made by everyone and it starts small.

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