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iEcoBuz proudly shares Small Talk with Megan Schweppenheiser of Snoqualmie Valley Candle Company

Snoqualmie Valley Candle Company makes 100% soy candles that are free of things like petroleum, leads, dyes, and more nasty things. iEco Buz talked to Megan Schweppenheiser of the Snoqualmie Valley Candle Company, and this is what she had to say.

Megan Schweppenheiser with Akshadha Seshamani and Riya Changole of iEcoBuz.

Can you explain what your business is?

We do 100% soy candles that don't have any leads, dyes, petroleum, anything really nasty in them. They burn very clean and long. Our 8 ounce candles burn for about 40 hours, and we theme our candles after the Snoqualmie Valley in Washington State.

How did you come up with this idea?

We were selling slime when my daughter was little in farmers markets. Then everyone outgrew that, so we decided to go into candle making, and then named them after the Snoqualmie Valley where we live. We love it and the business has taken off from there.

If a family were to come up to you and ask about switching to eco-friendly, what advice would you give to them?

I think one of the first things I would say is to be very conscientious about where the products are from, sourced, and the ingredients that are in the products. Also being mindful of reducing, reusing, and repurposing whenever you can.

Thinking globally, what do you think that humanity as a whole needs to do in order to make our Earth cleaner?

I think that it is learning what we can do as individuals to make an impact, and bring that into our everyday lives. Being really conscious of what we're buying, where we're driving, the clothes we're wearing, and products we're using, so that there is renewable and eco-friendly resources left on Earth.

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